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Braided Tack
Leather and Rawhide


  Braided Accessories

Braided in rawhide & leather.


 Bosals / Hackamores

Hackamore/bosal Sets braided in rawhide & leather.




Headstalls with braided buttons.



 Split Reins

Split reins with braided buttons.

 Braided Collector Sets

Hackamore Sets & Romal Reins braided in rawhide & leather.


Rawhide and Leather Braided Tack Photo Gallery

Works by Gail Hought
circa 1979 - 1995


 Leather Horse Tack
Leather Tack by Eric Hought


 Commissioned Items
Leather & Rawhide Braided Tack  

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Rawhide & Leather Braider


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