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 Hackamores (Bosals)
and Bosal Sets
Braided in rawhide & leather


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Our bosals or hackamores are made from the finest quality rawhide and leather. We pride ourselves in never cutting corners in any area of design or workmanship. We use three basic descriptions to describe these bosals/hackamores: working, fancy and collector sets.

A working bosal or hackamore has larger strings in the nose button and heel knot which takes less time to braid, therefore they are less expensive. The inner core and groundwork are the same as other bosals. While I instruct a braiding student as he/she makes a bosal, I braid one at the same time to demonstrate each step so I do not need to pick up or interrupt the students work. Therefore, I can offer these bosals for sale. I typically make them in 5/8" diameter solid latigo or 1/2" diameter solid roo. Added is a nice simple headstall with a mane hair mecate. The details for each set are on the individual web pages.

Fancy sets are used in the show arena, used daily, and many times end up on the wall in the living room. The fancy bosal sets I offer are again bosals I have braided while with students. More advanced students often choose to make these bosals which gives them an opportunity to add color in a balanced pattern and teaches skills necessary to make a pattern smooth and more.


Red & Black Roo Bosal with a Doug Krause mane hair mecate


Red latigo working bosal with a "Blind Bob" mane hair mecate 

 Brandy Roo Double core bosal with a 3/8" mane hair mecate


 Red latigo working bosal with a checked mane hair mecate


 Roo Working Bosal Set with Striped & checked mecate


Black Roo & Roo Rawhide Bosal



 Show Rawhide & Chestnut Roo Bosal set

For Sale

by owner


Saddle Tan & Brandy bosal, interweaved color, mane hair mecate

 Saddle Tan & Brandy Bosal with a "Blind Bob" mane hair mecate

 Saddle Tan Roo & Rawhide Roo bosal set, Blind Bob mecate


 Roo bosal in 3 colors
Black, saddle tan and turquoise, Blind Bob mecate


  Brandy Kangaroo
1/2" bosal with
a flaxen Blind Bob mecate


 Roo bosal in 3 colors
Black, saddle tan and turquoise, black Blind Bob mecate


 Whiskey Kangaroo
Bosalita with
a Blind Bob mecate


 Red latigo working bosal with a Blind Bob mecate


 Links to instructions books on braiding bosals 

 The Art of Braiding,The Bosal I - Revised 

The Art of Braiding, Bosal II 


We also prepare Bosal Braiding Kits for those of you who may be interested in braiding your own bosal. These kits provide all precut and beveled strings in either latigo or kangaroo-labeled and sized-and the rawhide core necessary for braiding the working bosal in the Art of Braiding, Bosal I – Revised. The highest quality hides are used, and all the materials are prepared by Gail, as if she were braiding her own bosal. Please click on the Bosal Kits link for more information.

 Collector set are rarely used. Though they are quite beautiful, they still are completely functional.


  Bosal Measurements: Illustration and instructions for measuring the length and diameter on a bosal or hackamore.

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