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 The Art of Braiding, Bosal II

The Art of Braiding, Bosal II, is very detailed and in color. It focuses on adding contrasting color to the 16 plait, 8 bight bosal nose button and heel knot.

Instructions include making a 12 plait bosal, 5/8" diameter core with a 6 bight nose button and heel knot, a good size to learn how to make a bosal or hackamore.

Additional instructions are for a 16 plait, 5/8" diameter core with an 8 bight nose button and heel knot.

There are detailed instructions on sizing materials needed.

*Detail instruction on sizing materials needed.

*Plaiting 16 with instruction on tightening and finishing plaited core.

8 Bight nose button
*How to space for added color.
*How to add color in a balanced, symmetrical pattern.
*Adding 1st contrasting, then a 2nd contrasting color in 2 places to teach both skills.
*Adding contrasting color at the nose button ends.
*Tightening interweaves.
*Where and how to bury strings most effectively.

Instruction on the 8 bight heel knot.
*Adding contrasting color in the full pattern or in partial pattern.
*Learn to fill areas of the heel knot by adding rows in the areas needed.
*Tightening and finishing heel knot.

*Decorative expanded 3 pass Spanish Ring Knot (braided on the top of the heel knot.)

*Braided brow headstall with fiador.
*Instructions on braiding the button on end of fiador with hair tassel.

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"The Art of Braiding, Bosal II"

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 *Instructions on tying the fiador and hackamore knot.


Instructional Western Prints:

Tying the Fiador

The Hackamore Knot

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  "The Art of Braiding, Bosal II"


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