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Return Policy

Thank you for choosing Hought Fine Art & Leather & Endurance Tack. We guarantee customer satisfaction. If for any reason you have problems or questions with what you receive, please do not hesitate to call us at 707-839-1871.

Endurance Tack Items Needing Modification or Exchange:

Our goal is for our tack to correctly fit your horse and for you to be pleased with it. It is important to carefully check over the item(s) you receive for correct sizing, color and hardware. If for any reason your tack needs to be exchanged or modified, please call before sending it to us.

Exchange Policy: Tack

Custom items (tack made with nonstandard widths, atypical hardware and/or non conventional color arrangements):  We do not take custom orders back nor refund money for them as they cannot be put back into our inventory.  All custom tack needing modifications and/or adjustments will be at the customer's expense.  

Custom tack items (tack made with nonstandard widths, atypical hardware and/or non conventional color arrangements) needing modifications and/or adjustments will be at the customer's expense.

All returned tack must be clean (see Cleaning Instructions below)--like new, and shipped to us freight prepaid within thirty days of receipt of the merchandise. A return authorization must be obtained from us prior to any return. See the Return Shipping Instructions.

Return Shipping Instructions for Tack Exchange and/or Modifications. To have your items returned to you in a timely manner, it is important to include the following in the return packaging:

1. The item--clean and/or like new.
2. The item tagged with your name, address and phone number (masking tape will do).
3. We suggest placing masking tape with written instructions on the area(s) requiring change, i.e. plus 1" or less 1" and so forth.
4. Detailed written instructions describing the modifications.

Cleaning Instructions: Wash with soap and water.

Toklat Products:

Cinches, Irideon® Riding Apparel, Saddle Pads: Ricotti, English, Toklat, Tucker, Woolback & Splint Boots: Toklat considers Toklat Saddle Pads, English Pads, Woolback Pads, Ricotti Pads, Tucker Pads, Toklat cinches and girths as custom orders, and as such, they are non refundable items.

*There is a 15% restocking fee for returned Irideon® clothing. The merchandise must be in new and resalable condition and returned to us freight prepaid within ten days of your receipt of the goods. A return authorization from us must be obtained prior to any return.

For Irideon® clothing return authorization, please email us at hought@hought.com. You may also receive return authorization at 707-599-9493

Other Accessory Items:

EquiPedic® and Tipke-collapsible Foldit Carts. These items may be returned for store credit at our discretion. You may receive return authorization at 707-599-9493.
Thank you for shopping with us.
Gail and Eric Hought

No refunds or returns on the braiding books. 

Color Combinations

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