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 Spanish Ring Knot - 2 Pass

  Article is from:
"The Art of Braiding, The Basics - Third Revised Ed."

The Spanish Ring Knot can be a decorative button or used as groundwork for other buttons or knots. The Spanish Ring Knot in 2 passes is the smallest button commonly braided, thus it also can come undone easier than other buttons. Note: This is especially true when braided as a two tone button or when braided in rawhide. In the case of rawhide, when Spanish Ring Knots get wet and dry repeatedly, they usually change and are apt to loosen.

Begin by passing the WE around the mandrel and pass over the SE, Fig. 1. Keep the SE (marked with a yellow line) to the right as the WE passes left over it and passes right over it again, Fig. 2. Pass over this same string, now to the right, Fig. 3. Staying to the left, pass over one to the left, Fig. 4. Note: These 3 passes over the SE are indicated in Figs. 2-4 in circled numbers.

Fig. 5 is the same pass as Fig. 4 but with the mandrel rotated. Pass under one, Fig. 6. Pass over one and under one, Fig. 7. Pass over one, Fig. 8.

Pass under one, Fig. 9. Pass over two, including the SE, and under one, Fig. 10. Pass over two and under one, Fig. 11. Pass over two and under one, Fig.12.

Pass over two and under two, Fig. 13. Pass over two and under two, Fig. 14. Pass over two and under two, Fig. 15. To finish, pass over two and insert the WE under two on top of the WE to complete the Spanish Ring Knot in 2 passes, Fig. 16.

One variation for keeping the ends more secure is to pass under the standing end, Fig. 17, then pass under three strings. The working end will end up one string farther advanced. Fig. 18 is the finished Spanish Ring Knot in 2 passes viewed from the back.
Note: A Spanish Ring Knot needs to be tightened after it has been braided. It is easiest to braid it slightly loose, because it tightens as you braid. Starting with the string marked wth a green arrow in Figs. 16 & 17, follow it throught to the end; also pull the stranding end snug. By braiding and tightening the button in this way, it is more evenly spaced and the string is not overstretched.

*Note: String Length will be given for an average 3/32" to 1/8" width, a good size when braiding 5/8" flat or 1/2" round diameter. Adjustments need to be made for variation in string size and diameter of the item to be braided. These are the lengths I use. Each braider may need more or less. I would suggest adding 2 or 3 inches until you find out how much length you need.
The Spanish Ring Knot - 3 Pass is also in this book.

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