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Braiding Material Source List

The art of braiding is unique compared to other leatherwork disciplines, such as saddle making. Braiding requires an investment in two pieces of required equipment, a cutter/beveler and a splitter. The smaller hand tools, materials and hide preparations are less expensive in comparison.

Those of us who work with leather ultimately develop a list of materials best suited for our specific needs and products we have found dependable meeting our performance expectations and standards.

We believe quality materials produce quality items thus we continually search for excellence in the materials and products we choose.

The list below, developed over the years, reflects those suppliers who consistently produce high quality leather, tools, preparations and finishing products. Consider them in your quest for braiding excellence.

Montana Leather Co. 2015 1st Ave N., Billings, Mt. 59101, (800) 527-0227, www.montanaleather.com
Latigo, Kangaroo, leathers of all kinds, round leather belting, hand tools, dyes, thread.

Round leather belting (for Romal Rein inner core) & waxed string: Oregon Leather, 541-343-2563.

Rawhide - full cowhides: Jarrett Pistole. Cell phone 931-261-3284 or land phone 615-536-5453. To view photos of the rawhide.

Braiding Books & Instruction, Braiding Kits & Supplies & other Tools: Hought Fine Art & Leather, Gail Hought, 707-599-9493 or www.hought.com.

Braiding Classes: Hought Fine Art & Leather, Gail Hought, 707-599-9493 or www.hought.com. Please check our website, choose Braiding Instruction then go to Braiding Lessons for dates, times and fees.



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