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 Spanish Ring Knot - 2 Pass

6 bight Turk's head - Part 1

6 bight Turk's head - Part 2

Part 3 of the Six Bight Turk's Head

The above article, instructions for 6 bight Turk's head, is the same foundation knot for the 6 bight heel knot. I regard it as the most important button beause it is the foundation for many other knots and buttons.

If you are interested in learning more about this useful knot, please refer to The Art of Braiding, The Bosal 1, Revised, pages 54-56, Figs. 1-23.

For those interested in learning to braid the herringbone interweave and/or the gaucho interweave for the 6 bight Turk's head, please refer to The Art of Braiding The Basics - Second Revised Ed., pages 37-39 for herringbone interweave and pages 40-42 for gaucho interweave.

For more interweave variations, refer to The Art of Braiding, Romal I. The reversed 2nd interweave is on pages 15-17 and the easy double interweave is on pages 18-20.

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