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Shipping Charges

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Training Forks & Martingales 

If you are charged additional shipping because you ordered multiple items that will be shipped together in a single package, we will refund the excess shipping charge at the time of shipping.

Domestic Shipping Charges - Priority Mail

Small single items that fit in an envelope - $8.50
(or 1 or 2 books)

1 - 3 items that fit in a medium size box - $15.00
(up to 5 books)

2 - 5 items that fit in a large box - $19.00
(several books and supplies or kits)


International Shipping Charges - Global Express
Tracked & Insured

1 - 5 items that fit in the large flat rate box - estimate is $75
(1 book and up to several books and supplies or kits)

Unfortunately small items are the same price unless shipped by Priority (Global) Mail which is not tracked. - estimate is $35
(or 1 or 2 books)

There is a small extra charge for the insurance.

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