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Reflective BiothaneTack

The following sets of tack are a combination of reflective biothane and black beta. The reflective biothane is edged in black therefore is a nice blend with the black beta. It is a more rigid product like standard weight biothane, so we have made some design changes in the patterns to keep a more flexible and usable feel to the finished item. Below is a BioPlastics description of this product. All items are shown in stainless steel hardware which compliments the reflective biothane. It is available in solid upon request.

Reflective Biothane Belting

BioPlastics has developed this reflective product in response to the Hunting Collar market. It is easy to see how it can be a great addition to our equine tack. Using a Hot Air Welder they are able to weld reflective tape down the middle of wider belting. The durability of the this design far exceeds traditional methods of either sewing reflective material to the belting or using the sticking tapes.

Only available in 3/4".

Deluxe Endurance
Headstall #3

Add-on Headstall


Biothane & Beta




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