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Deluxe Add-On Headstall
Standard beta colors in color pattern #3

 Deluxe Add-On Headstall
5/8" / 3/4"

These Add-On Headstalls offer the following features:
1) 5/8" headstall.
2) Overlays on nose, brow and halter cheeks.
3) Combo 5/8"/ 3/4" halter - The areas of the headstall, the crown piece and chinstrap, which need the most strength are 3/4". The noseband, brow and cheeks are 5/8" giving a finer, less bulky appearance.

Colors are:
teal beta/blue beta

ADX8#3TB/U- Price: $225.00
Solid Brass

ADX8#3TB/Us - Price: $225.00
Stainless Steel

ADX8#3TB/U-hsb - Price: $290.00
Horse Shoe Brand SS hardware

Pictured: brass hardware

This Add-On headstall can made in most beta color combination. Contact us if you want another color choice.


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Deluxe Add-On Headstall - color pattern #3 in teal beta/blue beta

Choose your size and hardware (brass, stainless steel or Horse Shoe Brand). Note: Horse Shoe Brand comes with 2 halter buckles.

size, hardware & price

  Snap on throat latch

Stainless Steel hardware
Option - $5.00

The #56 snap is sewn face in for safety.
A bolt snap can also used if preferred.

Use Link at right to include this option.


Beads will match the colors of the headstall.

Option - $30.00

Use Link at right to include this option.



 ADX-2B - Add 2 halter buckle option/includes extra crown

Option - $15.00

Use Link at right to include this option.


 Sidepull rings availible on any Deluxe Add-On Headstall

Option - $20.00

Use Link at right to include this option.



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