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Double halter buckle option
for the Deluxe Add-On headstalls

The Deluxe Add-On headstall with halter is our most popular design and most leave home with the halter on their horse and it does not come off until they arrive back home. In a situation when the horse might pull back, the crown of the halter takes most of the pull and therefore can break or stretch a hole. It is rare for any other part to break. By adding the second buckle the crown is a separate piece, not sewn on the halter. When we add this option, we send along a second crown. Then if you need to use the second crown, you give us a call when you need another spare. There will be no need to send the halter.

We have added a second shopping cart link for just this option. We will then add it to any Deluxe Add-On you select.

The price is an additional $15.00 for either brass or stainless steel hardware. Look for the shopping cart link on each Deluxe Add-On page to add this option.


ADX-2B - Add 2 halter buckle option/includes extra crown.


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