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Private One-on-One Leather Braiding Instruction

Gail Hought


Course Description:

Project oriented braiding instruction for beginners to advanced students. Hands-on instruction is tailored to fit individual interest and experience.

Projects (depending on the class):

Instruction is based on what the students needs to learn, whether beginner, advanced or inbetween. Many students just help in making their braiding look better.

Provided Materials:

Materials depend on the session you choose. All necessary tools will be available for use.

Skills necessary:

Beginners: Those new to braiding. No skills required.

Intermediate: Have braided some and want to learn more.

Bosal Course: Ability to plait 12 and braid a 6 bight Turk's head.with a herringbone interweave.

Fancy Bosal Course: Student has already braided a bosal.

What to bring:



My home and personal workshop in McKinleyville, California

Dates and Time:

Date to be determined mutually.
Time: 9 AM – 3:30 PM.

Cost:: 1 day minimun (depends on number of students):

The day is six hours at $100.00 per hour. More time may be needed which can be extended an additional up to 2 hours, as needed, with no extra charge. The total for a day will be a maximum of 8 hours. Lunch is provided and when possible dinner on the town that evening.

Call for special rate for more than 1 student.

*For any questions regarding Braiding Workshops, please contact me at 1 (707) 599-9493 or email hought@hought.com

If you are interested in braiding instruction and learning the fundamental braiding skills but do not want the added travel expense, please consider purchasing a leather braiding kit first. It may be the answer. The kit contains all tools and materials necessary for the project items and the basic instructional book, The Art of Braiding - The Basics - Second Revised Ed. Using the kit will provide the opportunity to try braiding prior to signing up for instruction.


Anton Retief working a bosal in our studio.


Anton back home in South Africa
To learn more about who we are and our leatherworking skills, please read "About Gail and Eric Hought"
Clay Christensen letter

Braiding News:
To better serve your braiding needs, we invite you to join our leather braider email mailing list. Periodically, we plan to send Braiding News that we trust will be of value. Included will be any new material or tool sources, new available books and information that might be of interest to braiders. If you would like to be included on our list, please send your email address to hought@hought.com We look forward to hearing from you and thank you for your interest.

Gail and Eric

 Email - hought@hought.com

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