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Kangaroo Trimmings - Bundle

 Kangaroo Leather Lacing
If you are in need of kangaroo leather lacing (strings) and cannot find a source, I offer hand cut lacing in a variety of widths and colors in lengths from 6 to 15 feet (1.83 to 4.57 meters). For those who need specific sizing, please contact me. Kangaroo leather lacing is available in natural, black, saddle tan, whiskey and brandy (dark brown). Hide dye lots for saddle tan, whiskey and brandy vary over time, therefore if you plan a large project using these colors, you may wish to order all the strings at one time to insure color consistency. These are the same strings I cut and use for myself, and come from the center 2/3rd's of the hide.
Remember, when choosing a width, kangaroo leather lacing (or strings) evenly stretches to a narrower width when braided, therefore 1/8" will probably finish closer to 3/32".

Above are sample views of kangaroo leather lacing in 1/4", 5/32", 1/8" and 3/32". Wider widths intended for plaiting are beveled on the hair side and flesh side. Smaller sizes are beveled flesh side only.


Above colors are saddle tan, red (cut-when available), natural, black and whiskey.


A bundle of 3/32" natural kangaroo leather lace.

Kangaroo leather lacing may be ordered by emailing or calling us and we can invoice you throught PayPal.


 Email - hought@hought.com

Width  Price/foot
 1/4" wide  $4.65
 5/32" wide $3.40
 1/8" wide  $2.95
 3/32" wide  $2.55

Conversion: inches or feet  Metric
 1/4" wide  6.35 mm
 5/32" wide  3.97 mm
 1/8" wide  3.18 mm
 3/32" wide  2.38 mm
 1 foot  30.48 cm

Please allow 2 - 6 weeks for delivery.

 Email - hought@hought.com

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