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Toklat Woolback Saddle Pads

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Toklat Woolback pads was specifically designed to stand up to the harsh rigors of everday riding. This extra heavy, machine washable wool pile fabric provides the the ultimate protection for your horse's back. It is superb for long hours of heavy riding where all the advantages of natural wool are so important. It is ideal for schooling and endurance riding. These pads come in a large variety of styles plue the new High Profile styles.


Custom Saddle Pad Pattern Tracing

 Dimensions of English Saddle Pads - Chart


Note: Toklat considers each saddle pad a custom order; therefore, the saddle pads are not returnable. Please double check the style and size before placing your order. Please allow 3-4 weeks for Toklat saddle pads to arrive. Due to the cost of shipping by priority mail has increased greatly, the pads will be shipped by UPS Ground unless the customer request another method. Most will add extra shipping charges.


 Toklat Woolback Endurance and Western Pads.

Go to the links below to order pads online.

We will order English and High Profile Pads if requested. Contact us.
Below are samples of some of the pads in coolback. All the Woolback pads are available in Coolback. View Coolback® Colors

 Please give us a call if you are interested in Coolback pads.


Barrel Race Pads


Barrel Endurance Pads


Toklat Woolback
Western Saddle Pads

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