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The Hackamore Series

The Hackamore Series is the first group of western art prints completed by Gail. The horse used in the all the prints, except "Tying the Mecate, II" is Gail's Quarter Horse Stallion, Masada EH. He has been ridden mostly by Gail in endurance riding and Competitive Trail Trials and completed the 1990 National Ride and Tie with Gail and her daughter Sonia.

The need for the information in the prints stemmed from people bringing hackamores to us to tie for Western Classes at Quarter Horse shows.

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 Tying the Mecate

Tying the Fiador 

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  We have a small number of "Tying the Fiador " remaining and we will not be printing this print again.

 The Hackamore Knot

  Tying the Mecate, II

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 Rigging the Hackamore
Learn more about the model for most of this series. Chick here 

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 Price List - Hackamore Series - 2/2018

Black and white open edition prints: (Online order links above under each print.)

  • "Tying the Mecate"(18x24)................$39.95
  • "Tying the Fiador"(18x24)..................$59.95
  • "The Hackamore Knot"(18x24).........$39.95
  • "Tying the Mecate II"(18x24)..............$39.95
  • "Rigging the Hackamore"(22x28).....$49.95
  • The complete set of 5 prints.............$199.00

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Prints shipped flat (1-12) ........$15.00
Foreign countries..............email us for price

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