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Deluxe Endurance Headstalls 

 Curb Straps

Available in any biothane or beta color.



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Shipping Charges

 CS/ch- Curb Strap (with solid brass chain) - $32.50

CS/ch-ss - Curb Strap (with stainless steel chain) - $32.50

CS/ch-hsb - Curb Strap (with stainless steel chain) - $45.50

CS/noch- Curb Strap (with Solid Brass buckles) - $22.50

CS/noch-ss - Curb Strap (with SS or C/B buckles) - $22.50 

CS/noch-hsb - Curb Strap (with HSB buckles) - $35.00



  Curb Strap with ss chain - red beta

 Curb Strap (soft beta) CS/no chain - brass buckles - black beta



 Curb Strap with ss chain & HSB buckles - chestnut brown beta

 Curb Strap - no chain - ss buckles - red beta


Curb Strap - no chain - HSB buckles - chestnut brown beta

 Beta Curb Straps

Choose your choice of color and hardware with or without chain

hardware & width
Beta color choices

Biothane & Beta Colors

Color Combinations

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