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Custom Dog Collars & Dog Leashes

Beta & Biothane


Custom Dog Collar & Leash Sets in Beta & Biothane

Now you do not have to buy dog collar and leash sets off the rack. We offer you the opportunity to enjoy the fun of personally customizing and designing the perfect dog collar and matching leash for your favorite pet.

Each of the “no maintenance” materials used for dog collars and leashes is made from a polyester inner webbing that is coated with either polyurethane, biothane or vinyl beta. Additionally, high luster biothane can be used as an accent color over a base of beta. Custom color combinations also include a glow in the dark or a reflective overlay. Biothane & Beta Colors

Stainless steel hardware is used for its strength and good looks. Another stainless steel option is the beautiful Horse Shoe Brand Hardware.

Now you do not have to depend on what a manufacturer thinks the collar and leash size should be. You can size the dog collar and leashes to fit your individual pet. Enjoy seeing your pet in a new collar and leashes set that you designed just for him.



 Standard Dog Collars

 Standard Dog Collars
Glowbelt Overlay

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