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January 28, 2019

Dear REER Family:

As we enter a new year and a new ride season, I find it a time for reflection and a time to look forward with optimism.  I hope that it is for you as well.

Looking back at 2018, I came to appreciate the close supportiveness of our community, even more than I had in the past.  The tragedy of wildfires brought painful losses to some and close, giving support from many. The same kind of caring that we have on the trail came forward, a willingness to stop – even in the midst of competition – to assist a fellow rider.  I admire the spirit of caring, comradery and mutual support. I believe that we are special, that our values unite us and make us who we are.

We ended the year with an enjoyable and warm Christmas party, celebrating our closeness and the sport we love.  I wonder, though, who put the white fur-trimmed red “teddy” into the gift exchange and why I was destined to receive it.  Was it to convey some kind of deeper message? It did surprise me, and whoever put it there did an excellent job of keeping a straight face. I tried to model it, but I suspect that other members might have been better suited – younger and better looking, for sure. 

I look forward to 2019, as we enter REER’s 43rd year.  We anticipate three successful rides again this year.  Their dates have been set, and AERC has sanctioned them.  We enter 2019 with the same board as last year.  I am honored to serve again this year as the club’s president.  Donna will continue as treasurer, Carol Wooster as Vice-President, Maryanne Riley as secretary, and Berit Meyer as director-at-large. We expect to continue with the same ride management as last year.  Maryanne Riley has found her pace as ride manager of the Chalk Rock Ride, and both Kris Wright and Pam Peace seem ready to take next steps as “managers-in-training” for the Redwood Ride and the Cuneo Creek Ride.

Our next meeting will take place on Tuesday, February 12 (6:00 pm potluck, 6:30-8:30 meeting).  Joyce and Dennis Sousa have graciously offered their home, which will put us in Hydesville (2694 Johnson Road Hydesville CA 95547, 707-768-3941 for directions) – a bit of a drive for us “northerners,” but much closer for the “other side of the hill” group (who have to navigate Highway 36 or some challenging county road).

We have some usual beginning of the year business on the agenda and need action (motions and votes) on a few.  Agenda items include the following:

*Treasurer’s year-end report – becomes a part of the minutes.
*REER’s 2019 calendar: Ride dates, meeting dates, and banquet/Christmas party dates – to agree upon and approve.
*Budgets for rides (will include final results from 2018 rides) – to approve preliminarily. We will revisit each one as ride managers provide more input.
*Ride managers and ride management organization – a vote to approve this year’s ride management.
*Ride Managers’ notebooks – report on progress and input.
*Plan and schedule for each 2019 ride, especially a calendar of volunteer activities – preliminary plan and time-lines.
*REER web site (now complete, thanks to Gail Hought) – look it over and make suggestions for improvement.
*Donations to other organizations (e.g. contributions and work at the Orick Rodeo Grounds, Cuneo Creek Horse Camp, etc.) – discuss and approve.

I wish well for everyone this year and this ride season.  Whether you ride, crew or volunteer, we look forward to seeing you on the trail and in ride camp.  Please keep in mind that we are a totally volunteer organization.  Volunteer jobs are fun, and they offer opportunity to make friends or deepen friendships. Please volunteer, and encourage others.

Jim Biteman, President



Dear REER family:

We will have no regular club meeting in April.  The REER Spring Banquet (April 15, 5:30 “meet and greet,” 6:30 dinner) will be our only formal activity for the month.  (If you have not sent your RSVP, please do so soon: Berit Meyer or me  

We will have our next regular club meeting on Tuesday, May 1. In the meantime, though, those preparing the Chalk Rock ride (May 26 & 27) will meet informally.  If you have not already done so, please contact Maryanne Riley (, 707-923-2087 or 707-548-2247) to let her know of your interest in helping with the ride.  She is pulling things together and getting us organized for trails preparation, camp preparation and preparations for ride days.  Please do so soon so she can solidify everyone’s part.

We have already received a significant number of entries for the Redwood ride (August 18) and a few for Cuneo Creek (September 8 & 9).  We need people to let us know soon of interest in helping with these rides.  Especially, we need people to handle ride management responsibilities, as Donna and I have family commitments that limit our time to work on the rides.  If you or someone you know would like to be the ride manager for either of these rides, please let us know soon. 

We look forward to seeing everyone at the Spring Banquet and to catching up.  Please come with stories to tell and warm friendship to share.

Jim Biteman, President

p.s. I am in the process of updating our email list.  Please let me know if you would like to change email address or add a friend to our little community.


Dear REER family:

Come celebrate spring – begin the new ride season.  Enjoy good food and warm friendship. 

Ramone’s Café on Harrison Avenue, Eureka, will host the REER Spring Banquet (Thank you, Berit and Brian!).  Date: Sunday, April 15.  Arrive to “meet and greet” at 5:30 pm.  Dinner served at 6:30 pm with dessert and recognition to follow.  Please note that this is only a month away.  Please RSVP by replying to this letter. 

Price $18.50 per person (includes tax and tip).  Money will be collected at the door. Fare for the evening will be “Buffet style meat entrée, roasted potatoes, salad, bread & cake.”  “No host bar for beer wine and non-alcoholic beverages.”  Make sure to RSVP, as the buffet will be prepared in advance.  (We need an accurate head count.)

When: Sunday, April 15 – 5:30 social hour, 6:30 dinner with dessert and recognitions to follow.

Where: Ramone’s Café, 2297 Harrison Avenue, Eureka, CA

Price: $18.50 per person (tax and tip included, cash bar extra)

RSVP: Berit Meyer ( or Jim Biteman ( – By April 11, please.
Information:  Call Berit Meyer (707-845-3703) or Jim Biteman (707-839-7744 / 707-616-1955) for directions or details.
Come casual.  Bring friends and family members.  Have a story to tell and plans to share.  Just come.
See you soon!

Jim Biteman and the rest of the board, Berit Meyer, Carol Wooster, Maryanne Riley and Donna Biteman

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