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Welcome to the Training Corner.

These articles can be useful tools to help enable you to better prepare your horse. The attention I pay to details and my observations of the subtleties my horse sends to me have dramatically helped me become a better rider, "leader." I encourage you to search for the "small things" that are "big" to your horse, then learn how to incorporate this understanding into how you prepare your horse.

Preparing the Endurance Horse was written as a handout for riders and spectators, when I was one of a group of presenters at a clinic for beginning endurance riders. Shortly thereafter, I wrote another group of concepts called Keep It Simple followed by Gentle to Ride. Although the horses described in these articles became endurance horses, the concepts, techniques and situations can be applied to any riding discipline.

Before writing the above articles, I first wrote a training log which I called Preparing Tempestad. When I started riding her, a then three year old, I was encountering wrong answers including poor foot control which led to breaking gait and a failure to guide. I felt my experiences were common to many riders, so I began making log entries each time a new situation presented itself and documented how I addressed it. Those basic entries led me to create the other articles.

How can you benefit from these articles? To gain maximally, begin by reading each one fully, then after 2 or 3 days, reread them in smaller segments. As you revisit the article, you may begin to gain an understanding of the concepts and methods presented and how to apply them. If you like the concepts and approaches I use, it will take steady practice until they become internalized.  Then, you will be able to respond immediately, to any wrong answer from the horse, with the correct technique.

As you prepare your horse, take time, have patience, make steady progress and enjoy the journey.

Keep Ridin', Eric

Preparing The Endurance Horse

Blue Lake Arena - Foot, Face & Body Control

Starting the Endurance Horse
Prospect - Part 1

Gentle to Ride

 Keep It Simple

You Can't Catch Me

You Lead-If.....
Prepare to Prepare
Disengage The Hindquarters
How Slow Is Slow?
More - How Slow
Can You Hear Him Now?
Forward to Back
 Training - The Slow Way
 No Spook

Who's Maverick

Maverick's Training Articles


Preparation Log

6/2/04-How Many Ways?
6/12/04-More Stops
6/12/04- Purchase-Which Test ?

Maverick #2
Maverick #3
Maverick #4

Maverick's History
Maverick's Year of 2005 - Just What We Do
 Maverick's Endurance Career

 "Preparing Tempestad"

Training Log of 34 entries that span 3 years of a young endurance horse's training.

Tempestad's Endurance Career



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