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 Chalk Rock


Chalk Rock is a beautiful ranch. My photos do not do it justice. It is a working cattle ranch that also logs timber. It mostly a very large hill. The 50 mile fits easily inside the ranch. The hills and climbs are long but not ultra steep. The flowers to the right are wild iris. The bulls below were fighting as I made turn around them at the top the hill. They look much tamer in the photo. This ride usually has some fog on the hill in morning and then clears up. We had ideal weather, not too hot and not too cold, no wind. |

We probably had the lowest turnout in this ride's history. 7 on the 50 and 8 on the 30. I think I only saw 4 other riders all day. Check the photo at the vet check below. I do not think anyone rode real fast and all the horses looked good at the finish. CC Maverick and I rode with Robin Drechsler and her gelding on the last 2 loops. This was Maverick's first ride since

We all finished and everyone stayed for a very enjoyable potluck dinner. Natalie Herman did a wonderful job as ride manager and she was up-beat all the time. She made it so much fun.

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