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Tucker Non-Slip Saddle Pads
Designed by Toklat


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Note: Toklat considers each saddle pad a custom order; therefore, the saddle pads are not returnable. Please double check the style and size before placing your order. Please allow 3-4 weeks for Toklat saddle pads to arrive. Due to the cost of shipping by priority mail has increased greatly, the pads will be shipped by UPS Ground unless the customer request another method. Most will add extra shipping charges.

Tucker Non-Slip Pads by Toklat
With layered construction, the Non-Slip Trail Pad features a specially-formulated closed cell polymer mesh bottom that is breathable, easy to clean and non-slip. The pad top is made with a closely-sheared tightly-woven fleece to help keep your saddle in place with a nylon outer edge and wear leathers to hold up to rigorous riding. For added comfort for your horse's back, a polyester filler helps disperse pressure.

32 1/2" wide x 26" long

 Colors:  navy with black (only)
   Pad Care (manufacture's recommendation): Machine wash cold, hang dry.

Tucker Styles:

A new Shopping Cart is coming soon, until then please call if you wish to order.

Full Pad #40-731


 Round Pad #40-730

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