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 Endurance Tack

 Leather & Rawhide Braiding Books

The Bill Gore photo above is of Tennesse Lane and Far, the winner of 2017 Tevis Cup. The tack is a custom color of red, white, blue and yellow beta.

Add-On Headstalls (Deluxe) - Main Page

Add-On Headstalls (Deluxe) - Main Page
Deluxe Add-On Headstall in Solid Standard beta
Add-On Headstalls (Deluxe) - Standard Beta Colors/Black Beta
Deluxe Add-On Headstall-Std beta colors/black beta in color #2
Deluxe Add-On Headstall in Standard Beta Colors In color pattern #3 
Deluxe Add-On Headstall-Standard biothane colors over black beta
Add-On Headstalls (Deluxe) - Unusual Color Patterns
Deluxe Add-On Headstall in Special Colors - Glowbelt, & reflective
Deluxe Add-On Headstall with beaded tassels on brow 
Add-On Headstalls Horse Shoe Brand Hardware
Add-On Headstalls (no halter)
Basic Brow Headstalls - main page
Beta Reins - main page

Biothane & Beta Colors
Bit Hangers
Breastplates - main page

Breastplates - padded

Breastplates - padded - Horse Shoe Brand hardware
Breastplates - Style D
Breastplates - Style D - Horse Shoe Brand hardware
Breastplates - Style S

Hought Endurance Tack Catalog
Classic Black Series

Color Combinations

Tack color combinations in biothane & beta with links to tack style choices.
Cruppers - main page

Standard Crupper with folded PVC or leather tailpiece
Crupper with seeded tailpiece
English Style Crupper

Y2 Style Crupper
Curb Straps 
Deluxe Series

Deluxe Add-On Headstalls
Deluxe Endurance Headstalls
Deluxe Endurance Headstalls - Western look
Endurance Headstalls - main page

Standard Endurance Headstall
Deluxe Endurance Headstalls

Deluxe Endurance Headstalls - Western look
Endurance Tack - Horse Shoe Brand Hardware

Add-On Headstalls
- Horse Shoe Brand hardware
Breastplates - Style D - Horse Shoe Brand hardware
Breastplates - padded - Horse Shoe Brand hardware
Hardware - Horse Shoe Brand
S Hackamores
- Horse Shoe Brand hardware

Endurance Newsletter: Introducing a New Mailing list

We have an endurance email newsletter.  It contains new items such as tack and other items of interest to endurance riders.  It would also notify riders of upcoming events we would be attending where we will have our tack.
If you are interested in being part of such a newsletter or have any suggestions, please let me know.

Sincerely, Gail

English Tack NEW

English Bridle - Beta
English Breastplate - Beta
English Reins - Beta
Roo Laced English Reins

German Martingales
 Gift Certificates for Biothane & Beta Endurance Tack.
 Girth Loops
 Glowbelt - main page
 Hardware -Close Ups & Options
Hardware - Horse Shoe Brand
Solid Brass & Stainless Steel Hardware

International Tack Customers
Reflective Sets - main page
Reins-Beta - main page
S Hackamore Sets - main page

Beta nosebands for the S Hackamore
Little S.Hackamore with Noseband
PVC padded nosebands
S Hackamore sets

S Hackamores sets with Horse Shoe Brand hardware
Stainless Steel English curb chain
 Sale Page
Sizing charts for tack measurements - main page

Brow Headstall Sizing Chart
Breastplate Sizing Chart
Crupper Sizing Chart

Endurance Headstall Sizing Chart
English Headstall & Caveson Sizing Chart

Halter Sizing Chart
S.Hackamore Sizing Chart
Sponge Leashes & Sponge Holders
Training Forks & Martingales - main page
German Martingale and Reins
Training Forks
Western Biothane Tack - main page

Breast Collars
Brow Headstall
Sliding Ear headstalls
Spanish Brow Headstall

 PayPal Customer: Shipping information
  **Endurance tack is also available at rides we attend.
Check the
 Hought Endurance Ride Schedule for more information.
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 Endurance Tack - additional information

 Biothane/Beta Horse Tack

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 "The Art of Braiding
The Basics - Second Revised Ed."

 Leather & Rawhide Braiding Books
 Braiding Books - Updated

"The Art of Braiding, The Basics - Second Revised Edition"
"The Art of Braiding, The Bosal I - Revised"
"The Art of Braiding, Bosal II"
"The Art of Braiding, Romal Reins I"
The Art of Braiding, Romal Reins ll"
"The Art of Braiding, Small Projects - Book I" - NEW - pre-printing special - Shipping to start on 2/16
"The Art of Braiding, Turk's Heads - I" NEW

View details of the Small Projects - Book I
Watch for ongoing images of our newest book in progress.


 Western Braided Tack by Gail Hought

  Braided Horse Tack
Leather & Rawhide Braided Tack 
Bosals - Hackamores

Braided Collector Sets
Braided Accessories
Bosal Measurements
Photo Gallery of older work by Gail Hought

Leather Horse Tack
Leather Tack by Eric Hought

Braiding Instruction 

 Braiding Lessons

Private Braiding Lessons - Updated 6/21/2017
Phone Consultations

Braiding Kits - Updated 2/2017

We have several Braiding Kits available for immediate shipment.- no waiting required.
See links below.

Basic Button & Knot Braiding Kits
Complete Beginner Braiding Kits
Pre-lesson Beginner Kit
Bosal Kits - Updated 2/2017
Key Fob Kits



 Plenty O Dually modeling one of our
working bosal sets.
Braiding Supplies

Small Tools & Supplies
Hand Cut Kangaroo Lacing

Kangaroo Trimmings - Bundles

2 Pass Spanish Ring Knot
6 Bight Turk's Head
Efficiently Utilizing Materials

Bosal Necklace with hair tassels
Braiding a Key Fob
Building and Splitting Parallels

General rule for plaiting string length and string width
"Tying the Mecate"

  Gift Certificates for Braiding Books and Supplies.
 International Customers

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  Accessories for Trail and Endurance Riders

AirLastic Western Cinch & Girths
Foldit Cart
Saddle Pads - EquiPedic® 

Saddle Pads - Ricotti - Updated
Cinches -Toklat
Toklat Main Directory 

New  Matrix Saddle Pads by Toklat - Updated

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Equine Art

Endurance Related Art 
Prints: Farm Series
Prints: English Series

Hackamore Series
Western Art Prints
Greeting Cards-Gr.1
Watercolor Paintings

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Hought Horses    


 Training Corner

Preparing and training the endurance horse.

Articles by Eric Hought

Hought Horses

Blue Lake Arena - Foot, Face & Body Control 
Preparing The Endurance Horse
Training - The Slow Way
Keep It Simple
Who's Maverick
Maverick's History
Preparing Tempestad
No Spook

Cielo Templario
Dhama El Rimal
Hop On Dually 
Masadas Goodn Plenty 
Plenty O Dually  

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Kangaroo Braided Dog Collars & Leashes

 Dog Collars - Beta & Biothane

Updated & now available to order online

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